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Parker’s Corporate Compliance Program
and Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Corporate Compliance

Parker Jewish Institute is committed to full compliance with all federal and state health care program requirements.

Code of Conduct

Parker and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Parker”) are committed to conducting their activities in accordance with high ethical standards and all applicable laws, rules and regulations. This Code of Conduct summarizes the key principles that should guide the conduct of all Parker employees and contractors. Parker’s Policies and Procedures provide more detailed guidance relating to specific job functions and activities.

  1. We treat patients and residents, and their families, with dignity and respect at all times. We respect patient and resident rights.
  2. We strive to provide each Parker patient and resident with the necessary care and services to attain or maintain his or her highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well-being, in accordance with his or her assessment and plan of care.
  3. We endeavor to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, and Parker policies.
  4. We respect resident privacy and confidentiality, both with regard to records and communications.
  5. We do not accept or pay kickbacks, or offer or accept any payment for referrals. Parker physicians comply with applicable prohibitions on self-referrals.
  6. We strive to document all care that we give timely, accurately, and completely.
  7. Our bills to patients, residents and payors reflect appropriate charges, are always based on services actually provided, and are supported by documentation in the medical record.
  8. We do not use our position (as individuals or as a group) to improperly benefit ourselves, our relatives, friends or any business in which we have an interest. Potential conflicts of interest are promptly reported to appropriate management or supervisory personnel.
  9. We work with our colleagues, supervisors and the Compliance Officer to respond to complaints and to correct problems as they arise.
  10. We do not tolerate intentional wrongdoing, and we promptly report any suspected wrongdoing to the applicable supervisor or to the Compliance Officer. We understand that there will be no retaliation for making a good-faith report of possible improper behavior.

Compliance Hotline: 1-844-408-0257

Diversity and Inclusion

Here at Parker, our vision is to foster a diverse workplace, where every member of the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation community feels included and genuinely valued for their contribution to Parker’s mission. In alignment with our core mission, we respect the dignity of all of our team members and are dedicated to providing compassionate and high quality health care for all adults. Our capacity to provide this compassionate care is borne of our core belief in the basic goodness and tremendous value of all people. Naturally, this extends to our view of everyone who is a member of the Parker Team.

To that end, we strive to promote a Parker work environment and culture that is:

Diverse and reflective of the broad communities we serve throughout New York City Metropolitan Area.

Celebrates the unique contributions a team that is diverse with respect to gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation/gender identity/gender expression, abilities, and beliefs makes to a rich and vibrant work culture.

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