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The Nerken Center for Research and Grants

The Nerken Center for Research and Grants, a division of the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, is devoted specifically to the study of emerging issues of aging.  Through a professionally organized and administered program of scientific research, the Center actively confronts the many challenges resulting from a longer span. The work of the center focuses on research development activities that facilitate the realization of both new and existing research opportunities and scholarly activities that address important needs and the acquisition of information that will contribute to a greater understanding of the variables and complexities of the aging process. The Nerken Center was established in 1982 through an endowment by the late Jean and Albert Nerken. The Center exemplifies Parker’s advocacy of geriatric research, offering an expanded capability to mount a broad spectrum of studies.

The main goal of the Nerken Center for Research is to maintain, promote and secure top quality gerontological and geriatric research at Parker.  The Nerken Center is dedicated to the thoughtful and scientific acquisition of information that will lead to understanding of aging and the development and application of more effective approaches to the complex components of advanced age.

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